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Our Service for Patients

Capsule endoscopy: Visualizing your small bowel and/or colon with an ingestible video camera

  • We help you prepare
  • We help you with the procedure
  • We get the results to your doctor

Our Service for Clinicians

Capsule endoscopy: Minimally-invasive video capsule-based investigation of the lower GI tract

  • We manage a patient
  • We conduct an investigation
  • We analyze and report the videos

A few easy steps for Patients

For a video capsule investigation you need to closely follow a few simple steps to achieve the best results. Look at an example how a typical colon procedure is conducted and what you need to observe to make it successful

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Customizable Process for Clinicians

Our infrastructure covers simple video up- and report download, a fully managed service, or a fully customized solution. See here for an example of an easy process to let us analyze the capsule videos that were captured in your clinic

What you should know

For patients, remote video capsule endoscopy makes it easy and reliable to find out what your personal colorectal cancer risk-level is or to investigate other bowel diseases such as Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis

For clinicians, reliable video capsule endoscopy services makes ordering an evaluation as easy as requesting a lab report or tele-radiological analysis

Our team is comprised of medical, service, and IT professionals located in Europe and the US. Complemented by local nurse and central evaluation teams they are at your service

Our Strengths

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