CAREforCOLON Trial Booster

180 patients comparing different booster agents

OUH_logo_samlet_navnetrækogrsdsløjfeAs part of the CAREforCOLON program, a GCP-compliant trial with 180 patients was conducted to assess the performance of different booster agents.

Besides cleansing the bowel comprehensively, the second key success criterium for a complete colon capsule endoscopy is capsule excretion. To facilitate movement of the capsule through the bowel at a speed that is neither too fast (to miss key findings) nor too slow (to have the battery run out before reaching the anal valve), a booster agent is applied to stimulate motility. To compare different agents, this trial split the patients into three cohorts that were all provided with a colon capsule endoscopy by CHI, but with different regimens of medication to take after swallowing the capsule.

Like all the other CAREforCOLON program trials, this was led by Odense University Hospital in collaboration with Medtronic and, CorporateHealth provided patient management and video analysis.

The SCOTCAP clinical team is looking at how CCE can overcome capacity constraints during the pandemic while being safe and patient friendly.

MacLeod, C., P. Wilson, and A. J. M. Watson. “Colon Capsule Endoscopy: An Innovative Method for Detecting Colorectal Pathology during the COVID-19 Pandemic?” Colorectal Disease 22, no. 6 (2020): 621–24.

Tele-endoscopy project for colon investigations started in Scotland

We are a proud partner of the SCOTCAP consortium, delivering a managed colon capsule endoscopy services in Scotland. See this article for some aspects of the service (and ignore the mistakes, such as a 10 hour, not 10 year battery life and it’s Medtronic that manufactures the capsules, not us).

We’d be happy to deliver such a managed service also in your region!