HICAP User Guide

Guide for users of the HICAP video capsule endoscopy service

Step 1

Hicap Combo

Add patient and prepare equipment

  • In HICAPROC set up your patient and create a new order (for a guide on that, please check the OpenBrolly user guide)
  • If you expect and expedited report, let us know with an email to diagnostic@corphealth.co
  • Ensure IT compatibility of the computer you will use to upload the video (see IT readiness guide next to the FAQ)

Step 2

Capsule And Patient

Run capsule endoscopy procedure

  • Make sure that the patient is well prepared
  • Run procedure
  • Receive recorder back from patient

Step 3

RAPID Anonymize

Download the video from the recorder

  • Download and compile video with RAPID
  • Open video in RAPID
  • “Save De-Identified Video As” and note the folder name in HICAPROC (tip: you find the de-indentifying function under ‘File > Save > Save Video’)

Step 4

Upload Combo

Upload the video

  • Open a browser (recent version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Connect to our customer portal at “https://videoupload.corphealth.co
  • Enter the de-identified folder name
  • Enter all required data for the reading request
  • Select the folder where the video was stored for upload to the CorporateHealth portal

Step 5

Hicao Order

Receive report

  • When the report is ready, an alert will be sent to the user ordering the investigation and the department’s inbox
  • Pick-up the report in HICAPROC
  • If you have any questions regarding the results, please send an email to “diagnostic@corphealth.co” or directly call your medical contact which you can find in your “home” tab on our client portal