Clinical Practice

CCE is approved across all of Europe, Japan, Canada, and other countries as a viable procedure for colorectal cancer screening. However, to bring it into clinical practice and make it part of the toolbox a medical professional can tap into to make the best possible diagnosis, this additional study will be conducted. The overall study comprises the trial with 250 patients as described above as well as multiple other ones that look at over 3,000 patients in a normal HD-CCE delivery, i.e. without that additional colonoscopy.


While many times before colon capsule endoscopy (CCE) has been proven to be nearly as accurate as an invasive colonoscopy, in CAREforCOLON Trial I we looked specifically at the results in a group of screening patients with a positive result and used home-delivered CCE, rather then conducting the procedure in a practice or clinic.

A patient who agreed to participate went through a standard Home-Delivered Colon Capsule Endoscopy by CorporateHealth and immediately the next day – without the need for additional cleansing – received a colonoscopy at Odense University Hospital in Nyborg. Neither the diagnostic team from CorporateHealth nor the specialists from OUH knew the outcome of the other procedure before both were completed, to avoid any bias.

After comparing the results, the patient was informed of the outcome and had an additional discussion for any follow-up if needed. Meanwhile the scientific study team analyzes the accuracy of HD-CCE over colonoscopy from all captured data.


100 patients back-to-back capsule endoscopy vs CT colonography

OUH_logo_samlet_navnetrækogrsdsløjfeEarly June 2016 a new clinical trial kicked off to compare CT colonography with Tele-Medical Colon Capsule Endoscopy. Just as in Trial I patients receive a back-to-back treatment. This time 100 patients that had an incomplete colonoscopy and would have been scheduled for a follow-up CT colography are being invited to participate in this study. Again under leadership of Odense University Hospital and in collaboration with Medtronic and, CorporateHealth will provide patient management and video analysis.

The first patients have been recruited from the colonoscopy center in Nyborg, Denmark, and will continue over the next months.


250 patients back-to-back capsule endoscopy vs colonoscopy

ouh blue logoFrom June 2015 to May 2016 we have supported a scientific study to compare a traditional colonoscopy with Home-Delivered Colon Capsule Endoscopy. Conducted the Odense University Hospital and in collaboration with Medtronic and sundhed.dk250 patients from Funen with a positive stool test (iFOBT) received both a capsule screening as well as a traditional colonoscopy.

The results of that study are currently being analyzed by the research team and will be published soon. Stay put for what we believe will be exciting news for everybody who is looking for an alternative to standard colorectal cancer risk stratification.