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Clinical Practice

CCE is approved across all of Europe, Japan, Canada, and other countries as a viable procedure for colorectal cancer screening. Until recently, its application was limited by a lack of clinical proof and the ability to cost effectively deliver a high-quality service to large populations.

The CAREforCOLON clinical trial program conducted the trials mentioned above to provide a baseline that shows how well CCE compares to traditional colonoscopy as well as CT colonography. Delivering the trial procedures as-a-service validated its applicability in clinical practice. A fourth, pivotal trial with over 2,000 patients of the national Danish bowel cancer screening program has finished pre-trial phase and starts patient recruitment in the summer of 2020.

To conduct a robust evaluation of service delivery, in Scotland theĀ Scottish Capsule Program – SCOTCAP, was launched in June 2019 and concluded after nearly 500 patients in April 2020. Here, symptomatic and surveillance patients were provided with a managed CCE service that CHI delivered in collaboration with Medtronic and the NHS Scotland. Its goal was to assess the ability to roll that service out across all of Scotland. That plan is currently being put in place.