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Frequently Asked Questions

Video Upload

What browser do I need?

To ensure best performance and automation currently only Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge browsers are supported

Where does the video go?

The anonymized RAPID study folder gets first uploaded to the cloud: Fully medical data compliant Microsoft Azure (EU or UK) and then instantly moved to our secure medical server located in Hamburg, Germany, for analysis by our team.

What if the upload does not work?

If you are not able to upload the video on the special uploading site, we offer 2 fall-back solutions:

  1. Use FTP to upload the video directly to our medical server. See our dedicated guide on the side.
  2. If even that does not work, send a flash drive to our office in Hamburg (CorporateHealth International | Hansastr. 2-3 | D-20149 Hamburg) and an email with the order details to “diagnostic@corphealth.co

Is the data safe?

The transmission of data uses Internet-secured (https) lines.

Microsoft’s cloud is one of the most secure and compliant IT infrastructures, hosted in the EU under EU data privacy laws

CorporateHealth server has been set-up by IT security experts and operates from a medical location where also thousands of other patient records reside

Is there a limit to the size of the folder or length of the video?



How long does an evaluation take?

The standard turn-around time for an evaluation is three working days (Mo-Fr, except German public holidays) from the time the video folder is fully uploaded.

You can order an expedited one-day service for urgent cases. Please let us know as early as you can, if you plan an expedited order by sending an email to “diagnostic@corphealth.co

How good is your quality?

To ensure best possible quality every team member is specifically trained. Each member of our team has consistently achieved some of the highest scores in the Medtronic certified CCE eLearning test and are constantly challenged to keep on improving.

Since the results of the clinical trial that used our service have not been published, we are not allowed provide statistics. However, it can be said that we have delivered very favorable results both in reading quality and in patient acceptance.

What software do you use for the evaluation?

The main software we use is part of the medical device, i.e. in the case of Medtronic PillCam it is RAPID Reader.

We complement that standard tool with proprietary technology to facilitate the case management, data transfer and quality control, leading to a more efficient service.

Who is analyzing the videos?

The first path (pre-reading) is done by one of our nurses. All have specific training for the indication they are looking at (i.e. small bowel and/or colon) and worked in gastroenterology for many years.

The main evaluation gets then by one of our doctors of gastroenterology or internal medicine, with the help of the pre-reading results.

All of them are based in or around Hamburg, Germany, and in Scotland.

Feel free to reach out to get to know any of our medical staff.


How do I get the report?

By default, you can find the report(s) as PDF in your organization’s download area in the same spot where you uploaded the video.

But if you require a different ways of transmission or format, we can make that happen, too. E.g. download from FTP, direct delivery into your EHR system, send via encrypted email or just a plain printed copy coming by postal services.

How do I re-identify the report?

To ensure no patient data is accidentally exposed, all videos are transferred “de-identified”, i.e. the patient name is replaced with a unique code. You will have noted that code in the patient record (or in custom implementations an electronic master list is managed by service providers that work with national health systems and provider, e.g. by sundhed.dk in Denmark or Medilogik in the UK).

When the report comes back that code is noted on the top of the report, giving you the opportunity to match the report again to the right patient.

What are the standard reports?

In collaboration with various experts we have developed a reporting format that allows for fast and safe evaluation of the results. By default, that report is provided as PDF in English.

We can also deliver the plain report from Medtronic’s RAPID system or deliver everything as structured data in XML or other data formats.

What languages do you offer?

Our evaluation report can be delivered in any language that uses Roman letters. The default is English and German is already available. We would work with you and/or experts for that language to map the standard terminology accordingly.

Useful Guides

IT Readiness Checklist

  • Any Chrome-based browse, Firefox or Edge for full automatic video upload functionality
  • Firewall and internal IT policies accept upload to Microsoft Azure
    • Test: videoupload.corphealth.co
  • Receive alert and/or report
    • Test: Check that admin@corphealth.co is not going into the SPAM filter
    • Test: Open custom reports-folder on videoupload.corphealth.co

Data we need from you

Here is an overview of all the data we need from you to prepare the account


  • Name of your organization with shortcut
  • Administrative contact (email & phone number)
  • IT contact (email & phone number)


For each person requesting an evaluation via our site

  • Name, role / title
  • Contact details: Email, phone number, office address


  • Version of RAPID to be used for recorder synchronization
  • Browser used to interact with https://corphealth.co/videoupload
  • Any relevant restrictions on email sizes, upload / download

FTP Upload Guide

If you are not able to use the automated video upload site, we are also providing as a backup, an FTP upload directly on our secure medical server

Please go through the following steps to upload a video folder. This replaces only the uploading itself. All other information should be entered on the videoupload.corphealth.co page.

  1. Send an email to “admin@corphealth.co” or call us at +45 65 15 73 34 mentioning your organization and problem. Then we open up the FTP access and let you know the <specialsite> and log-in credentials
  2. Open in Windows Explorer “ftp://<specialsite>” and log-in using the credentials we will give you
  3. Upload the video folder that you created with RAPID “Save De-Identified Video As” and your one-use Anonym_ID to the empty folder you see
  4. Do let us know if that worked and the upload is ready for us to start working on!

Should even this fail we use what was the normal way for the longest time: Send us a flash-drive with the video folder to:

CorporateHealth International
Diagnostic Center
Hansastr. 2-3
D-20149 Hamburg