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Distribution agreement for Nordic countries signed with Neovitalis

neovitalis_logo leftFrom now on, CorporateHealth’ Telemedical Video Capsule Endoscopy reading service offerings can be directly ordered from Neovitalis.

Neovitalis is a trusted advisor to clinicians across all of The Nordics, well known for their product range in gastroenterology and beyond. Their long-term expertise in PillCam SB and COLON make them the ideal partner for our new service offerings

Joint American and Danish investment into CorporateHealth

The New York-based investment firm FOS Capital Partners International has invested in CorporateHealth International ApS alongside the local fund Welfare Tech Invest.

Beginning of 2015 the German company CorporateHealth created a new business with headquarters in Odense, Denmark and started a pilot with Odense University Hospital and sundhed.dk.
They became part of the start-up development program run by Accelerace, established a unique public-private-partnership, and of course, created a unique product.

That recipe has now paid off for CorporateHealth.

The American investment firm FOS Capital Partners International and the local fund Welfare Tech Invest both have invested into CorporateHealth.
CorporateHealth provides an end-to-end, minimally invasive colorectal cancer screening service where citizens can be screened for cancer by swallowing a camera-pill conveniently at home instead of having a colonoscopy at the hospital.

Managing Director Cornelius Glismann points out that the openness in Denmark has been a key factor for CorporateHealth’s success.
– “In Denmark the system is more open minded towards innovative solutions – like our service around the camera pill – than I have experienced in Germany”

Next steps for CorporateHealth are scaling its service in Denmark and opening up new markets in other countries. In close collaboration with Sundhed.dk and OUH, CorporateHealth has already made contacts e.g. in Scotland. And with the new capital it becomes possible to pursue those opportunities decisively.

CIMT: Colonic Capsule Endoscopy (CCE) for screening of colorectal cancer

Pilot study: Using video capsule for colon examination of citizens with a positive screening sample.

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers in Denmark. To reduce the incidence rate, a national screening test (to be performed at home) was initiated in April 2014 for citizens aged 50 to 74.

The screening programme has caused a rise in the number of people needing a colonoscopy in the hospital to determine whether they have cancer or early stages of cancer, because the screening procedure often shows positive results. Both the screening test (submission of faeces sample) and colonoscopies are very uncomfortable and represent a great burden on the healthcare system. In addition, colonoscopies carry a considerable risk of serious complications and are very expensive. For this reason there is a great necessity to explore simpler and cheaper ways to test and diagnose patients. …PillCam w text


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Odense University Hospital: Kameraer i pilleform kan afsløre tyktarmskræft

Kameraer i pilleform kan afsløre tyktarmskræft

Nyt projekt skal afprøve et såkaldt pillekamera, der i fremtiden kan afløse kikkertundersøgelser. Som ordet antyder, sluger patienten en pille, der indeholder to små kameraer, som optager billeder på dens vej gennem tarmsystemet. …

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Odense Health: Pillekamera i TV-Avisen mandag den 20. april 2015 kl. 21.30 på DR1

Sundhedskorrespondent Peter Qvortrup Geisling fra TV-Avisen interviewede professor Gunnar Baatrup ved Odense Universitetshospital om kamerapillen. Professoren prøvede sin egen medicin og slugte kamerapillen. …

sundhed.dk: Ny kamerapille screener for tarmkræft

Ny kamerapille screener for tarmkræft


På mandag sluger den første testperson en ny kamerapille, der skal screene for tarmkræft. Det er første skridt i et nyt forskningsprojekt, som Odense Universitetshospital, Region Syddanmark, tyske Corporate Health og sundhed.dk står bag

Forskningsstudiets formål er at kunne tilbyde en alternativ screeningsmetode for tarmkræft, så kamerapillen kan erstatte koloskopi (kikkertundersøgelse) i nær fremtid.

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