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Odense Health – Innovation & Business: A unique combination of innovation

A unique combination of innovation

Odense University Hospital is about to test a so-called ‘pill camera’ in a new collaboration not seen elsewhere in the world.

PillCam® COLON, the latest generation of “pill cameras”, measures 1×3 cm (a little under 0.4×1.2 inches) and has a smooth surface to ensure that it’s easy to ingest. Swallowing a pill that films the inside of the bowels is much more attractive and less risky than a traditional colonoscopy. The pill camera might be the preferred method of screening for colon cancer in the future. …

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Odense Health – Innovation & Business: The German company CorporateHealth to Odense

The German company CorporateHealth to Odense

Attraction of international business is an effort that now yields results. The German company CorporateHealth opens an office in Denmark.

German company CorporateHealth has employed three Danish nurses after more than a year of sparring and consulting. The German doctor Cornelius Glismann is one of the two founders of CorporateHealth and it is more than a year ago, he had the first talks with Healthcare DENMARK about the possibilities of doing business in Denmark. …

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