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What happens next?

Flush Down the Capsule

The capsule should be flushed down your toilet.  It is biodegradable when flushed into a septic tank or the mainstream sewage system

Return the Equipment

Prior to your procedure, your procedure Nurse will have agreed with you a suitable time and location for the return of the equipment. On completion of the procedure, you should remove the equipment and place it in the bag provided. Return the equipment to the procedure Nurse at the agreed time and location.

Next Step

You will now return the equipment and survey (if you have chosen to complete this) to the nurse as arranged.

Following the return of your equipment, the procedure Nurse will send your video to our expert readers anonymously. A report is then generated that will be sent to your referring clinician within 5 days.

Your referring clinician will then assess the report and then notify yourself and the GP within due course. Should you not receive your report within 2-3 weeks, please contact your CorporateHealth nurse


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For general questions email: contact@corphealth.co
In case of emergency call NHS 24: 111