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12Oct 16

Danish TV 2 @ CorporateHealth HQ

On August 10th, Danish TV2 has visited CorporateHealth in our headquarter in Odense and interviewed Mads Ramussen, Chairman and lead investor from Welfare Tech Invest / Accelerace, as well as our nurses Margit Ipsen and Jane Holt. The segment tells the story of the investment we received from Vaeksfonden of Denmark and what CorporateHealth does to make capsule endoscopy possible at scale.

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15Jun 15

CIMT: Colonic Capsule Endoscopy (CCE) for screening of colorectal cancer

Pilot study: Using video capsule for colon examination of citizens with a positive screening sample.

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers in Denmark. To reduce the incidence rate, a national screening test (to be performed at home) was initiated in April 2014 for citizens aged 50 to 74.

The screening programme has caused a rise in the number of people needing a colonoscopy in the hospital to determine whether they have cancer or early stages of cancer, because the screening procedure often shows positive results. Both the screening test (submission of faeces sample) and colonoscopies are very uncomfortable and represent a great burden on the healthcare system. In addition, colonoscopies carry a considerable risk of serious complications and are very expensive. For this reason there is a great necessity to explore simpler and cheaper ways to test and diagnose patients. …PillCam w text


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22Apr 15

sundhed.dk: Ny kamerapille screener for tarmkræft

Ny kamerapille screener for tarmkræft


På mandag sluger den første testperson en ny kamerapille, der skal screene for tarmkræft. Det er første skridt i et nyt forskningsprojekt, som Odense Universitetshospital, Region Syddanmark, tyske Corporate Health og sundhed.dk står bag

Forskningsstudiets formål er at kunne tilbyde en alternativ screeningsmetode for tarmkræft, så kamerapillen kan erstatte koloskopi (kikkertundersøgelse) i nær fremtid.

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