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Here you find important scientific publication and other references discussing video capsule endoscopy, colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and other key topics.

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WEO CRC Screening Committee Meeting Presentations

The World Endoscopy Organization holds regular meetings of their CRC Screening Committee. CorporateHealth was represented by Tanja Nowak at the latest event in Barcelona. Interesting presentations were shown and discussions held, incl. an overview by Prof Gunnar Baatrup of Odense University Hospital of the first clinical trial supported by CorporateHealth.

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Home-Delivered CCE superior to standard colonoscopy

When you compare a standard colonoscopy with CorporateHealth’ home-delivered colon capsule endoscopy, the results speak for themselves: “In participants with complete colon capsule endoscopy and colonoscopy examinations (N=126), per-patient sensitivity of >9 mm polyps in colon capsule endoscopy (97%; 95% CI: 94-100) was superior to colonoscopy (89%; 95% CI: 84-94).”

Kobaek-Larsen, Morten, Rasmus Kroijer, Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig, Maria Magdalena Buijs, Robert J C Steele, Niels Qvist, and Gunnar Baatrup. “Back-to-Back Colon Capsule Endoscopy and Optical Colonoscopy in Colorectal Cancer Screening Individuals.” Colorectal Disease, n.d., n/a-n/a. https://doi.org/10.1111/codi.13965.

Medtronic PillCam SB Indications, Contraindications and Risks

Medtronic describes the indications for use, contra indications, and procedure risks for their PillCam SB.

Medtronic / Given Imaging "PillCam Capsule Endoscopy. User Manual RAPID v8.0", March 2013

Same prep CHI-CCE and Colonoscopy

Khoury et al. find that is it feasible to create a tandem offering, where a colonoscopy could be conducted right after a capsule endoscopy. That way for over 80% of patients that would have required a follow-up, invasive procedure, a second prep might have been avoided.

Khoury, Marwan et al. “Enabling Tandem Procedure of Colonoscopy Following Colon Capsule Endoscopy in Colorectal Cancer Screening.” Accessed November 22, 2016. https://www.ueg.eu/education/document/enabling-tandem-procedure-of-colonoscopy-following-colon-capsule-endoscopy-in-colorectal-cancer-screening/115476

CE Certificates

PillCam SB and COLON are fully CE certified in the European Union and can be administered if medically induced

TÜV Süd Certificate G1 16 02 77398 001 (link) and other for PillCam by Given Imaging (Medtronic)

Current Status and Research into Overcoming Limitations of Capsule Endoscopy

Kwack and Lim look at the current situation of capsule endoscopy both in colon and small bowel

Kwack, Won Gun, and Yun Jeong Lim. “Current Status and Research into Overcoming Limitations of Capsule Endoscopy.” Clinical Endoscopy 49, no. 1 (January 2016): 8–15. doi:10.5946/ce.2016.49.1.8.
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