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Remote Video Capsule Endoscopy

When you are over 50 or have a family history, you are at risk of colorectal cancer. Remote Colon Capsule Endoscopy makes it easy and reliable to find out what your personal risk-level is.

If you suffer from other bowel diseases such as Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, Remote Small Bowel or Colon Capsule Endoscopy can help your doctor investigate your situation with a minimally-invasive procedure.

Whatever the need, we can guide you through the whole procedure

The Procedure

After you have signed up and have received all the information you need by our nurses, you can prepare yourself for the procedure. You still need to cleanse, but there is no need for a hospital visit, unpleasant procedure, or sedation. The tiny camera floating through your body gets all the necessary information.

The Evaluation

After the procedure, our team does the rest: Analyze the video, write a professional report, and let your doctor know the outcome so she/he can make the final diagnosis. All along, you can be in contact with our nurses via the phone, email, or local specialized system e.g. for a secure video conference.

The Result

With this visual inspection at hand your doctor will now be able to tell you much more precisely what to do next, because he/she can literally see what is going on in your small bowel or colon

Example of a typical procedure

Few easy steps for patients to a colon investigation

  • Prepare your colon: Guided by a nurse, prepare your colon by cleansing according to carefully crafted instructions
  • Get the equipment: Meet with your nurse at a convenient location, such as a GP practice, health center or even your home (it depends on where you live). They will make sure you are ready to put on belt and data recorder. It will capture the capsule video
  • Swallow the little capsule: Your nurse will help with the capsule and the rest of the procedure which you need to follow carefully to “push” it through the colon
  • Await the “filming”: Do whatever you were planning to do anyway – just don’t be too far from a toilet. Follow the guideline, stay active and a couple of hours later (six on average) the capsule will come out naturally and can be flushed away
  • Return the equipment: Take off belt & recorder and return as instructed. The video is saved on the recorder and will be evaluated by our diagnostic team

Consult your doctor to learn about the results

SCOTCAP Patients

Are you an NHS patient selected for the SCOTCAP Test?


Small Bowel and Colon capsule endoscopy is available through more and more doctors across Europe or directly at our medical center in Hamburg. Depending on your location, doctor referral and insurance, it can be delivered at your home, a local service center or a medical center. Please contact us for details.