Microsoft case study on our Quality Management System

Microsoft has published a case study on the development and use of CorporateHealth’ Quality Management System.

After working closely with the Microsoft Visio development team we found an ideal way to create a powerful, simple to use and very pragmatic way to manage all our Standard Operating Procedures. Their Data Visualizer solution provides the key component: An automated way of translating lists (in Excel) into flowcharts (in Visio). That means the steps of a procedure can be rapidly developed as a simple list and presented to internal and external stakeholder for review and use as a flowchart without dealing with any of the design work that a flowchart normally requires.

Embedded into custom Sharepoint lists and workflows then makes all SOPs available to our nurses, doctors and other stakeholder to ensure every case is handled with the same quality as designed.

Wireless Capsule AI Project gets into finals at MWC

Remote Video Capsule Endoscopy

University of Barcelona had submitted the Innovate UK-funded project “Artificial Intelligence-supported Diagnostic of Gastrointenstinal diseases with video capsule endoscopy – AID-GI” to a competition at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year: The 2019 Mobile World Scholar Challenge

Presented by Santi Segui, the AID-GI WP 2 project leader in Barcelona, the submission got into the final 5.

Though not winning, the project was widely recognized as highly innovative.

As a highlight, a video explaining video capsule endoscopy, the analysis challenge and our approach to an AI-based solution was produced.

WEO CRC Screening Committee Meeting Presentations

The World Endoscopy Organization holds regular meetings of their CRC Screening Committee. CorporateHealth was represented by Tanja Nowak at the latest event in Barcelona. Interesting presentations were shown and discussions held, incl. an overview by Prof Gunnar Baatrup of Odense University Hospital of the first clinical trial supported by CorporateHealth.

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New article in The Scotsman

A short story how and why we got to Scotland at the Scotsman magazine

Innovation transforms rural healthcare in Scotland

Digital healthcare is linking the NHS to people living on Scottish islands

In modern life there are few areas that have seen more of a transformation through technology than healthcare. From help alarms to helicopter rescues, technology has changed our lives and nowhere more so than in the Highlands and Islands. …

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Home-Delivered CCE superior to standard colonoscopy

When you compare a standard colonoscopy with CorporateHealth’ home-delivered colon capsule endoscopy, the results speak for themselves: “In participants with complete colon capsule endoscopy and colonoscopy examinations (N=126), per-patient sensitivity of >9 mm polyps in colon capsule endoscopy (97%; 95% CI: 94-100) was superior to colonoscopy (89%; 95% CI: 84-94).”

Kobaek-Larsen, Morten, Rasmus Kroijer, Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig, Maria Magdalena Buijs, Robert J C Steele, Niels Qvist, and Gunnar Baatrup. “Back-to-Back Colon Capsule Endoscopy and Optical Colonoscopy in Colorectal Cancer Screening Individuals.” Colorectal Disease, n.d., n/a-n/a.